Hospital Facilities

Hospital Facilities

Goyal Hospital is a one-stop destination where you can get the best medical assistance and facilities from highly experienced doctors and nurses. The facility part of an organization/institution or specifically a hospital is what makes the institution stand out from the crowd. The fabulous high-end infrastructure, pioneering technology, the latest highly useful and effective equipment/machines, and different departments established for different purposes are what make us the best hospital in the region.

Take a look at the facilities that we have at Goyal Hospital :

Laboratory Test Units : We have different lab test departments at our hospital where we conduct different types of laboratory tests with the help of highly skilled doctors and lab experts.

ICU : At our hospital, ICUs are run by experienced doctors, respiratory therapists, nurses, and medical practitioners who specialize in caring for critically sick patients. We furnish full access to top-notch medical aids, resources, and machines that are generally not easily available anywhere.

Drug Store/Pharmacy : At Goyal Hospital, we provide you the finest drug stores/pharmacy stores, and assistance always open as per your requirements. We have expert pharmacists on duty that operate 24/7 and in emergencies too.

Ambulance Service : At Goyal Hospital, we offer the best and 24/7 emergency ambulance assistance. Our ambulance drivers are always on-time available to reach the patient’s location with all the needed medical equipment. They are well-trained and do their job with absolute commitment and passion.

General Medicine : Protocols for evidence-based medicines are obeyed in treating general medical disorders, such as infections, degenerative & metabolic diseases & clinical immunology.

General Surgery : The general surgery department in this hospital is well equipped with all general surgical electives and emergency patients. The department delivers complete treatment for thyroid & breast diseases which incorporates breast-conserving surgery for breast cancer. Laparoscopic surgery for G bladder stone & Hernia.

Obstetrics & Gynecology : Women of all ages visit the department of Obstetrics & Gynecology to obtain expert diagnosis & treatment. The department provides wide-ranging gynecology aids, ranging from regular examinations & family planning to highly specialized techniques. The labor room & operation theatre is furnished with an up-to-date & top-notch monitoring system for the full protection of the mother and child. CTG, laparoscopic, and different gynecological surgeries & delivery cases are taken into consideration round the clock. It is located around the operation theatre.

Orthopedics : This center provides hope for those undergoing chronic hip & knee problems. It offers the finest quality hip replacement surgery performed by professional orthopedic surgeons. For all operations, top-notch imported implants are used. The department is prepared to manage hip replacement of crush injuries, open & closed reduction, diabetic foot repair, etc.

Pediatrics : The department of pediatrics deals with all levels of pediatrics. The department is supported to take care of premature infants.

ENT : ENT surgery, the microsurgery of the ear nose, larynx & cosmetics surgery of the nose, endoscopic surgeries, septoplasty with FESS, and tympanoplasty are the major components of the ENT department.

Operation Theatre & Recovery : Operation theatres are equipped with up-to-date life-saving equipment such as Boyle's apparatus, multipara monitors, laparoscopic devices, C-arm, defibrillator, central ocygenpipe line, fogging machine, autoclave, etc.

Labor Room : Our labor room provides the best infrastructure to conduct all types of delivery (from normal to forceps), medical abortions, and MTPs. The department is well-prepared to deal with:

  • All types of labors
  • Programmed labors
  • Epidural & painless labors.

For Fetal Monitoring We Have :

  • CTG Machines
  • Fetal Doppler

Emergency & Trauma Care Services : In this department, we have a trauma care section with a resuscitation unit with a cardiac monitor, defibrillator, ECG, portable X-ray, compatible oximeter, nebulizer & infusion pumps, and minor OT for dealing with trauma & accidental emergencies.