An intensive care unit (ICU), likewise referred to as a critical care unit (CCU) or intensive treatment unit (ITU) is a particularly distinct unit of a hospital or any other medical center that furnishes intensive care medicine, proper health care, and different emergency medical assistance to patients undergoing severe diseases or conditions. Intensive care units (ICU) provide patients that undergo drastic or fatal diseases and injuries, which mandate regular care, carefully guarded custody with the help of medication, and life-saving equipment to assure good health and homeostasis. Different specialized intensive care units comprise medical, neonatal, surgical, and pediatric intensive care units.

At Goyal Hospital, ICUs are operated by adept doctors, respiratory therapists, medical practitioners and nurses who specialize in supervising severally unwell patients. We provide complete access to state-of-the-art medical aids, resources, and equipment that is not commonly obtainable in other places.

Here are some of the common diseases and disorders that are ministered with the help of ICUs:

  • Acute respiratory distress syndrome
  • major trauma
  • respiratory failure
  • severe burns
  • organ transplants
  • septic shock

Our critical care unit looks after and treats severely ill patients admitted under different specialities and super specialities. An efficacious Laboratory and Radiology aids support the ICU 24/7. The ICU provides facilities for high-end multi-parameter monitoring and care managed 24/7 by professional healthcare staff. Our professional medical crew at Goyal Hospital knows the importance of people’s lives, emotions, and loved ones thus, we make sure to give them absolute and ideally managed medical care in order to help the suffering patients recover at their own ease and comfort. Our patient’s safety and care of their loved ones is the major priority of Goyal Hospital hence, we work with all our dedication and hard-work to make sure our patients are getting healed and being recovered with the help of our 24/7 active and efficient medical assistance. So call us today for the best ICU services and allow us to take the good care of your loved ones that are undergoing severe medical conditions.