Urology is a segment of health care that takes care of the diseases related to the male and female urinary tract. It deals with the male and female organs that are able to make babies. Urinary infections most common in females are also treated through medications.

At Goyal hospital, we provide the best medical aid to treat male and female urologic problems. Since these problems can happen to anyone and are related to internal organs of the body, our expert Urologists provide proper medication and guidance in every step. Analyzing urinary problems, our Urologists treat the conditions accordingly.

Male Infertility

Male infertility refers to any health problem in a male that lessens the possibility of his female partner becoming pregnant and conceiving a child. About 1 in 7 couples is assessed to be sterile, which signifies they failed to conceive a baby even after having unprotected, regular sex for a year or more than that. In half of such couples, male infertility is believed to be a partial cause. Male infertility can be engendered by low production of sperms, irregular sperm function, or stoppages that obstruct sperm delivery. Diseases, wounds, chronic health conditions, lifestyle preferences, and different elements can also lead to male infertility. The incapability to conceive an infant can be frustrating and traumatic; however, several treatments are there for male infertility.

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Paraphimosis is a severe condition that often happens to males only, and which is related to their penis that hasn't been circumcised. The term circumcision refers to a process in which the foreskin of the male's penis is taken out, often in the initial days after their birth. Paraphimosis occurs when the foreskin gets clung behind the upper part of the penis, which cannot be retracted down into its original position. Paraphimosis can restrict or block blood flow to the head of the penis. The disorder can result in severe complications if not treated on time. Paraphimosis also mostly happens when a doctor or some healthcare professional mishandles the foreskin. Paraphimosis is an emergency medical condition and must be treated on time.

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Phimosis is characterized as the incapability to pull back the foreskin or prepuce that covers the glans or tip of the penis. Phimosis can occur as a compressed ring of foreskin around the upper part of the penis, stopping retraction. Phimosis has two types including physiologic and pathologic. The current incidence of phimosis is approximately 1% in 7th-grade boys. Young boys perhaps do not require treatment for phimosis except if it leads to difficulty in urinating or induces other manifestations. When these young boys grow up quick treatment becomes imperative.

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Ureteric Stones

Ureteral or ureteric stones are kidney stones that get stuck in either one or sometimes both ureters and cause problems. Large ureteric stones can obstruct urine flow from the kidney to the bladder. This stoppage can lead to extreme discomfort. Surplus concentrations of salt and minerals in the urine can result in the formation of Kidney stones. These minerals create crystals that develop into stones. Most of the kidney stones are calcium-based and are tiny. Some of them are very undersized that you cannot even see them with bare eyes, travel via the urine, and do not even induce any complications. Bigger stones that get adhered to in the urinary tract can lead to intense discomfort.

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