Admission Process

Admission Process

At Goyal Hospital we follow a convenient and patient-oriented admission process. Our Hospital's Admission Process consists of various segments such as we make preparations before admitting new patients, we conduct various admission practices; we do routine admission, emergency admission, transferring in, and finally discharging. Nurses ought to obey stringent regulations associated with the admission and discharge process in the hospital.

Take A Look At The Complete Admission Process At Goyal Hospital

Admitting The Patient : At first, we make all the required preparations before admitting new patients by letting them into the ward or other hospital unit for medical examination or treatment.

Complete Admission Process : During admission, the enlisted nurse conducts a thorough examination of the patient by entering the complete patient's details, including their name, time and date of admission, major concern/problem, and their medical diagnosis in the patient or admission file. They also collect some information about the patient's family, parent, caregiver, or any other healthcare person or close friend. Then we study the record if the patient has undergone prior hospitalization or any major disease in the past. Then we tell if the patient was admitted from their home, emergency unit, or clinic. Collect patient's important data and signs, including body temperature, height, weight, pulse, and respiratory rate.

Emergency Admission : In emergency admission, the patient is admitted to the hospital during an emergency for critical care monitoring—E.g., accidents, poisoning, severe disease, heart attack, etc. It usually happens unexpectedly and in some serious cases, the patient is directly shifted to the ICU.

Routine Admission : A patient's admission is arranged, and then he is admitted to the hospital on a routine basis for diagnostic tests, treatment, and recovery—E.g., fracture, fever, diabetes, bronchitis, hypertension, etc.

Transferring In The Hospital : When the patient is required to shift from the medical to the surgical unit, the patient is released and admitted again. The process is identical to “admitting the patient” and “discharging the patient". The process of discharging and admitting again is not normally essential for the patient who is about to locomote from one medical or surgical ward to the other.