Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

From the Chairman’s Desk

When a dream of multiple visions and ideas came together with absolute zeal, passion and an opportunity seized, that's how the Goyal Hospital was established. Our goal in establishing the hospital was to build an institution autonomous in all medical aspects and to lend a helping hand to a wider number of people undergoing different medical problems and cure them with the best, possible, and most effective medical means.

The vision of our team working at Goyal Hospital is based on diligence, forthright communication, a major focus on teamwork, and responsibilities obeyed with utmost dedication. This innovative, proactive, and professional approach and culture permits and accentuates our hospital not just to acclimatize the modern trials but also personal accountabilities to the society and help to make the world a better place for everyone.

Our hospital was inaugurated by a group of professional, qualified, and well-versed people with the goal of helping people overcome all types of medical concerns and live healthy, peaceful, and happy life. As a well-established and revered hospital, we retain the highest medical standards, followed by discipline, professionalism, and care which ultimately help us attain exceptional results through our treatments, surgeries, and different medical practices. We strongly feel that health is the greatest wealth and key to a person’s and the country's growth and advancement. By keeping that in mind, we consider it our major responsibility to furnish the finest and most effective medical services people can ever get.

We have established our departments to make the ideal use of the available aids and resources. We have expanded our departments at a tremendous pace and focused on the needs of people, and comprehended their concerns carefully to help them in the best ways possible. We have organized the hospital to be fully patient-oriented from the start. We are improving and advancing ourselves to make Goyal Hospital the ideal place for all kinds of medical problems needs. We have witnessed significant transformations in our infrastructure, unit developments, and a rise in staff number. All these adaptations demonstrate an optimistic motion which we will go on with and will accomplish the needed outcomes and ultimately success.

Lastly, I would like to thank all of you for visiting our website and reaching out to us for our services. We take immense pleasure in serving you, and I personally ensure that we will always provide the best medical assistance to as many people as possible.
Thank You!

I wish you health & wealth.
Sincerely yours

Dr. Kulbhushan Bhartiya